Welcome to a brand new year,

We've got lots of exciting things to share - are you ready to join us in making 2018 one to remember? First things first, we have a brand new shiny website where you'll find new dates for Tech for Non Tech.

(If you happen to break it please let me know 😅 )

We're also super excited to announce our new program: Sandpit. Spinning off from the foundations of our Academy program, Sandpit takes organisations through the process of idea validation over six weeks. To read more about it, click here.

You may also have noticed we've changed up our monthly newsletter - reflecting more of the things you'd find on our Slack channel. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's working, what's missing and what's valuable to you. Hit reply and we can chat more.

Lastly, our emphasis for 2018 is ensuring there's a place for everyone in shaping civic tech in Australia. We have a nifty Typeform which can help to find where your skills are needed, but if you're still unsure of how you can play a part in creating positive social impact through civic tech, our door, and my inbox is always open.

Thank you for being part of our community.
Here's to an incredible year ahead!

Grace (the storyteller)
+ The Code for Australia Team



In the craziness of the Festive Season, the announcement of three new Fellowship teams flew kind of under the radar. Welcome aboard:

Georgi, Merrin & Krishna - working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Wilson, Lara & Jonathan - working with VicRoads

Claramae & Elise - working with the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (NSW)


The Reading Room

Here's where you'll still find all your monthly bits of good stuff happening in the world of civic tech - both in Australia and abroad.

A crisis line that harnesses the power of data
How AI can help carry the emotional load of design research
The state of data science and machine learning in 2017
The new blockchain project giving homeless people digital IDs

Listen to my podcast
If audio is how you learn best, this is where we'll share our favourite podcasts, audiobooks and the occasional motivational playlist.

This month:  TED's Radio Hour on Citizen Science
Voices From The Team

The latest stories, updates, achievements and thoughts from the Code for Australia blog.

WTF is civic tech and why are we here
Teachers are people too… and they are amazing ones at that
From One Fellow to Another (Vol. 2)
A year later, School Finder launches (again)→


Opportunities & Events

Here are a few ways you can raise a hand, collaborate, learn and explore civic tech this month.

We're running our first Open House on January 25th
Up For The Planet is crowdsourcing ideas to take to the G20 Summit
Anglicare WA is looking for ideas to combat youth homelessness
DHHS (Victoria) is looking for a Principal Service Designer



Apparently, team Trump tried to diss Obama in its website code, but couldn't even get that right.


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