Tales from Romania, a new tool and much to celebrate.

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As expected, this month's update is a little slow getting to you, but it's for a great reason!

Alvaro and myself have just returned from the Code for All summit in Bucharest, where we hung out with and learnt much from our friends in civic tech from around the world. From burnout and storytelling to fund raising and business models, there was a lot to take in, and we've certainly come a way with plenty of ideas to run with (like this one).

We've also been inspired lately by the work of our friend, David Eaves, who's been researching digital maturity in service delivery. We're exploring how we might work together and, using David's framework, help organisations measure and evaluate their digital maturity. If this sounds like something you, or your boss might be interested in, let us know and we can keep you in the loop!

To find out what else we and our Fellows are working on, we'd love to see you at our next Open House in early November. We're super excited to be hosted by our friends at Envato in Melbourne, and we'll be live streaming the event for those that want to dial in from their desks or other cities.

Lastly, if you're wondering why Lina wasn't in Romania with the rest of Base Team, it's because she's off on an adventure of her own. For the next two weeks, she's accompanying an amazing group of people to Mexico to extend her understanding of learning and decentralised governance and how international cohorts connect and share knowledge.

She's describing it as: "an Analogous Situation trip, where I’m observing and experiencing what it’s like for people (in this case 12 PhD candidates from around the world) to go to a new context (Mexico), where they are unfixed and can learn from other cultures and communities, to help solve a problem back at home". We can't wait to hear everything she's picked up while away!

Hope to see you online or offline soon,

Grace (the storyteller)
+ The Code for Australia Team



Small steps in a good direction lead to great things. Here's a few things we think are definitely worth celebrating.

We won a Tech Diversity Merit Award for our Code for Victoria - Women In Tech program! A huge thanks to all involved and a massive congrats to all the other winners on the night.

Our Queensland Fellowship team are making great progress working with the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Sometimes the prototypes developed by Fellows take a while to come to fruition. We're very excited to see that the work done by our team at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has come to life with this new tool for injured wildlife!


The Reading Room

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Opportunities & Events

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Join us online or in person at ur next Open House
A meet up for collective action amongst Game Workers [MEL]
An IOT Hackathon for folks in Newcastle [NTL]
Grace is hanging out at an Amplify Collaboration panel [MEL] →

Our friends at OGP Toolbox are looking for a remote developer



The funny but, unfortunately, true experience of every website user in 2018 it would seem.


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