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Can you believe it's May already? We're wrapping up a few projects and kicking off new ones. Here's a quick overview of everything we've been up to, for those that are curious.

The incredible Fellowship teams working with DELWP and VicRoads have finished up over the last few weeks. We had many proud showcases and snacks as we celebrated what they'd achieved (more on that below). We're really excited that our team working with CESE has been extended and they'll continue to work on Happy Data over the coming months.

Alvaro, our chief of dreaming up new things, is working on some exciting new programs involving exchanges, products and policy frameworks. We'll let you know as soon as we've got any announcements. If you have ideas for him along these lines in the meantime, you're welcome to get in touch with him here.

We also concluded our first Melbourne round of Sandpit, our newest program which helps change-makers test and validate their ideas. We're looking for forward-thinking folks working in the public sector to join us for our next round in Sydney. If you know someone that might be up for trying things differently - let us know!

That's the most exciting stuff from the Base Team for now. I have a tonne of events, stories and even free agile training (too good to be true right?) to share with you this month. Let's get into it!

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Small steps in a good direction lead to great things. Here's a few things we think are definitely worth celebrating.

Team DELWP finished up their Fellowship with a web application called Foresight, a data visualisation map interface that displays both a broad overview and finer detail of bushfire related variables across Victoria. Read more about their journey and success here.

Team VicRoads finished up their Fellowship with a working prototype that will be used to create real, legal roadworthy certificates during a short trial period. It will also gather feedback to inform the full featured product. Here's more on what they achieved.

Team CESE also have a working prototype that they're continuing to develop with the Department of Education in NSW. I've been told that a blog post is on the way... keep your eyes peeled!


The Reading Room

Here's where you'll still find all your monthly bits of good stuff happening in the world of civic tech - both in Australia and abroad.

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Listen to my podcast
If audio is how you learn best, this is where we'll share our favourite podcasts, audiobooks and the occasional motivational playlist.

This month: The first episode of Civic Tech Chat, a podcast about improving the delivery of services with technology.
Voices From The Team

Stories, updates, achievements and thoughts from the Code for Australia blog.

"I don’t have to bundle all of my assumptions into a product" 
Final Report of the Fellowship

Human Centred Design — Action Based Research
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Opportunities & Events

Here are some of ways you can raise a hand, collaborate, learn and explore civic tech this month.

It's Melbourne Knowledge Week! Go get amongst the good stuff
Health Delivered are looking for a CTO in Melbourne  
A Melbourne meetup for tech & design folks interested in unionism
Technology for Social Good in Sydney
The Institute for Enquiring Minds is looking for a developer

Our friends at Academy Xi are offering 30% off their courses
Our friends Beaker & Flint are offering a FREE two-day agile course



John Oliver unravels cryptocurrencies - "everything you don't understand about money, combined with everything you don't understand about computers."


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