The AI mirror that's sparking debate, another Open House, and #TechDiversity awards

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What a month August turned out to be! We tried some new things, met some incredible people across the country, relaunched our Open Houses, wrapped up our second Sandpit and ran our second Tech for Non Tech class in Melbourne this year. Let's start with the new...

If you've been following us on social media lately, you might've seen we've been cooking up something called The Intelligence Service with our friends at Pretty Neat, which is trying to find ways to create better and earlier connections between startups and government. A few weeks ago, we ran a pilot event with a handful of amazing folks and the results were more than we could have hoped for. We'll be releasing updates on the website and writing more about our experiments soon. In the meantime, to stay up to date and register for future opportunities with The Intelligence Service, click on the link below.

A few more quick fire updates from the team:

Tech for Non Tech is heading to Adelaide next and tickets will be going on sale soon (you can register to be notified here)

Our newest Fellowship teams are doing amazingly well
(join us at our next Open House to learn more about their work)

This time next month, the Base Team will be all over the world, learning about civic tech communities and projects at the Code for All summit in Romania, and also learning more about the incredible folks behind some of Australia's most innovative governments at GovInnovate in Canberra. If you say you're with us (read: enter the code "GICFA") it'll get you $150 off GovInnovate tickets for our friends working in the public sector!

Please forgive me in advance if the next newsletter is a little late - I promise it'll be filled with many learnings from all of our adventures.

Grace (the storyteller)
+ The Code for Australia Team



Small steps in a good direction lead to great things. Here's a few things we think are definitely worth celebrating.

Our Fellowship team working with City of Melbourne have spent the past few months sprinting towards a solution for skip bin permits. They're now pivoting towards something else, but not before publishing the code on GitHub.

Code for Australia's Base Team have been taking steps towards becoming a registered B Corp over the past few months. We're rather excited to complete the first stage of the rigorous process last week!

We were also really humbled and proud to be shortlisted for the 2018 Tech Diversity awards. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us on the 27th September when we find out if our Code for Victoria - Women In Tech program was a winner.


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This month: Jamie Susskind on How Tech is Transforming Our Politics, from the Intelligence Squared podcast.

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Opportunities & Events

Here are some of ways you can raise a hand, collaborate, learn and explore civic tech this month.

Public sector friends, get $150 off using "GICFA" for GovInnovate
We're running another Open House (they're fun, promise)
Ada Lovelace Day - Encouraging & Celebrating Women in Tech
The Wikidata Tour is coming to Australia



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