Preparing for elections, community projects and planning for 2019.

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We're back on track this month with updates, with all the Base Team together again - hoorah!

As we find ourselves at the tail end of the year, with Christmas and the Victorian Elections just around the corner, we've been doing a lot of pondering about what's ahead for Code for Australia.

We don't have any answers yet, but we do want to hear your expectations, wishes, or dreams for being part of this community.

If you have a suggestion or even a question you want to ask us, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Fellowship teams are powering through some amazing things. At our last Open House, we heard how our QLD Housing and Public Works team are using open data to create a community engagement dashboard for their government partners.

We also heard from the team at City of Melbourne, who've created three separate technical experiments during their Fellowship, including an open design system and the beginnings of an authentication system for local government.

If you want to find out about any of these projects, hit reply or jump on over to Slack and we can connect you to the teams behind them.

Hope to see you online or offline soon,

Grace (the storyteller)
+ The Code for Australia Team



Small steps in a good direction lead to great things. Here's a few things we think are definitely worth celebrating.

Earlier this year, we worked on a project called The Intelligence Service, which brought together public servants and startup folks to work through a challenge. The report from the first mission is finally out. Have a read, and sign up for the next intake, here.

Our friends over at Code for Canada have just published an alpha version of a civic tech playbook for Canadian municipalities. Check it out and see what you can apply to your local context here.


The Reading Room

Here's where you'll still find all your monthly bits of good stuff happening in the world of civic tech - both in Australia and abroad.

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Listen to my podcast
If audio is how you learn best, this is where we'll share our favourite podcasts, audiobooks and the occasional motivational playlist.

This month: Tristan Harris and Helen Lewis on how tech has hijacked our brains, from the Intelligence Squared podcast.

Voices From The Team

A collection of stories, updates, achievements and thoughts from the Code for Australia blog, and sometimes, further afield.

Australia: Team Brisbane visits Melbourne
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Australia: Open Nouse (no that's not a typo) →
America: Digital Outreach Playbook
Africa: Partners shine at international awards


Opportunities & Events

Here are some of ways you can raise a hand, collaborate, learn and explore civic tech this month.

Join us online or in person at our final Open House
Working on an open source project? Reply and tell Grace about it
One of our team is presenting at Exploring Diversity in Technology

Responsible AI: Q&A with Virginia Dignum



How might Santa be affected by GDPR this December?


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